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How will the trout fare in this cold snap

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    Originally posted by The Driver View Post
    I can tell you that the Matagorda Bay system took a hit. Tuesday morning ICW temp was 38.5 degrees and the bay was most likely around 35 degrees. No brainer that we would take a hit especially with 30+ mph winds. Gent I fish with made a run to East Matty today and Chinquapin reefs and North shoreline had dead bait and a few 17" dead trout. Water temp was 40.7 degrees. They ran across the bay and made a drift where we hammered them last Thursday and saw no bait and no dead trout floating in the bay. Just got off the phone with the top guide in Matty and he reported that West Matty back lakes are full of dead fish and another guide reported Tres Palacious Bay had numerous dead fish. Also dead trout are getting churned up in front of Caney Creek from barge traffic. Not a fan of going to 3 trout limit but mother nature did hit us with another solid punch.
    I was worried about E.Matty used to fish there a lot 10 to 15 years ago


      What you hope for is a slow temp drop which alerts the fish to get out and go deep. That temp drop to freezing was very rapid and the fish trapped shallow didn't evacuate, stunned from the cold, then that's it.


        "They say going from 5 to 3 will help did going from 10 to 5 help?"

        You betcha it helped.
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